Saturday 9 August 2014

News: Brooke Shields & MAC

These days it feels like one month doesn't go by without MAC announcing a new collaboration. However the cosmetics giant has revealed the star behind its next Icon collection and it's none other than the fabulous Brooke Shields. Brooke's eyebrows alone deserve a MAC collection, so I couldn't be more excited by the news.

The 49-year-old model and actress has designed a 15-piece collection that includes a massive shadow palette - the biggest celebrity palette MAC has ever created! The collection features a wide array of nudes, beiges and greys as well as sheer metallic and purple tones.

"I have been a fan of MAC Cosmetics for ages. I love MAC's collections and visuals - it's a fun brand. This was such a different project for me because I was not just the model or the face of the collection; MAC really wanted my input and wanted this to be MY collection. I was involved in every single step of the process" says Brooke.

Brooke Shields and MAC

The beautiful packaged range will launch in October with prices starting at £13.50 / $17.00.

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