Sunday 20 July 2014

Weekly Worship: Vichy Normaderm Night Detox

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox review

Price: £15.50 / $27.00 40ml

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Night treatments are amazing because, well, who doesn't love a product that boosts beauty sleep? The latest night treatment to hit my face before it hits the pillow is Vichy's Normaderm Night Detox - a new serum that contains a cocktail of salicylic acid, LHA, eperuline, H.E.P.E.S and perlite. Impressive mix, right?

The detox serum is designed to improve your skin throughout the night and does this by purifying and cleansing the skin, tightening pores and evening skin texture. It also works wonders on oily skin as it helps to slow the rate of oil production that increases while you sleep (a problem that greatly effects those with oily skin). As I don't suffer with oily skin, I haven't been able to use this product to its full potential. However I can often wakeup looking a little oily in areas and, since using this product, my face has been shine-free at sunrise!

What I love about this night treatment is its lightweight texture and ability to absorb into the skin quickly - there is nothing  worse than your pillow getting more beauty benefits than your face! Each time I use the Normaderm Night Detox, I wake up with my skin feeling tight (in the right way), uber soft and lusciously plump. My skin looks healthy and fresh, which makes a change from the usual early-morning dull and dehydrated look!

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