Sunday 2 February 2014

Weekly Worship: Neova DNA Total Repair

Neova DNA Total Repair

Price: £79.00 / $99.00 50ml

Stockist: Selfridges /

It is hard to walk through a department store or drug store without seeing products claiming to repair damaged skin. Many of them promise to clear up visible signs of damage (e.g. reduce the appearance of fine lines, redness and pigmentation), however the effects are often short lived or non-existent. This is where Neova DNA Total Repair comes in...

This lightweight serum claims to use a cutting-edge formula that "effectively helps to 'clean up' the damaging visible effects of photo exposure before it becomes permanent". The formula contains powerful ingredients, including photolysomes and mitosomes (both DNA repair enzymes), that help to repair damaged DNA in skin cells. This repair leads to significant improvement in the visible signs of skin damage, including fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration (in particular brown spots).

DNA Total Repair

These impressive claims couldn't be more accurate. The DNA Total Repair works incredibly well and I have seen improvements in others' skin, as well as my own. It keeps to its promise of reducing signs of damage as, after only a few weeks of using this product, I have noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines. However that is not the best benefit - this serum's greatest strength is the positive effect it has on pigmentation. It helps to even skin tone and brighten brown spots - some people have actually found that this serum removes brown spots completely!

Neova DNA Total Repair Review

The serum has a lightweight, gel-like consistency which applies effortlessly. It absorbs very quickly and doesn't feel at all tacky on the face. It provides the most refreshing, cooling sensation when applied and it seems to hydrate skin instantly. Another benefit is the packaging - the airtight container and pump ensure that oxygen only reaches the product when it leaves the bottle. This helps to prevent the serum oxidising - stripping it of all its benefits.

Now, the DNA Total Repair is a little on the expensive side, however it just has to be worshipped. It couldn't be more worth the money!

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