Thursday 20 February 2014

Ask TBI: Mastering The Messy Fishtail Braid

faux fishtail braid

Question: I am obsessed with the messy fishtail braid but I am not that great at styling my hair. Is there a simple way of doing it? - Georgie, Minneapolis.

Answer: Like you, I am obsessed with the messy fishtail braid. The sad truth is there is no easy way of doing it - it is simply a case of practice makes perfect. If you really want to master the messy fishtail, the gorgeous Lauren Conrad gives a simple and very  helpful tutorial here.

Alternatively you could start rocking the faux fishtail braid instead. It looks very similar to the messy fishtail braid, however it can be achieved in about 5 minutes! You just need to know how to do a standard braid (if you don't how, find out here).

To get yourself a faux fishtail braid, simply follow these easy steps:
  1. Bring all of your hair round to one side and split it into three equal parts
  2. Braid the hair as you normally would, however before crossing over each section of hair, twist the hair tightly all the way to the very bottom. Twisting each section tightly is key to creating the faux fishtail look
  3. Continue twisting each section of hair as you go until the braid is complete
  4. Tie the braid with a small clear band and then mess it up any way you know how (your aim is to create a 'I slept in this braid' look!)
You may find the faux fishtail braid more effective if you have blonde (typically highlighted) hair, as this colouring adds even more texture to the braid.

Good luck!

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