Sunday 12 January 2014

Interview: Charlotte Vohtz

There is nothing I love more than a female entrepreneur who brings something special to the beauty world. So you can imagine why I love Charlotte Vohtz. She is the founder of Green People, an organic beauty brand that was born out of Charlotte's desire to help treat her daughter's eczema and severe allergies.

Charlotte is an inspirational business woman, a great mother and a fantastic advocate of natural and organic living. She took some time out of her packed beauty schedule to talk all things beauty. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our little chat...

Charlotte Vohtz Green People Founder

What inspired you to work in the beauty industry? And how did your career journey begin?

My young daughter Sandra was my initial inspiration to start Green People. Sandra had very sensitive skin and was plagued with eczema. In 1994 I began searching for natural products that didn't contain harsh chemical. I found that, despite various marketing claims, there weren't any truly natural and organic beauty products on the market. This led me on an exciting journey of researching and formulating truly organic, natural products that would help Sandra and everyone else suffering with skin sensitivities.

What is your career highlight?

When, after several attempts to push for organic certification of beauty products both in Denmark and the UK, The Soil Association invited me to join the committee to help form the Organic Beauty Standards.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to succeed in the beauty industry?

Spend time planning because with good planning you are halfway there. Treat the budgets for the business as a slightly larger household budget and never put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t take no for an answer and never ever give up!

Who is the ultimate beauty icon?

Leslie Kenton who rurally was 'there' for natural before anyone else. She heavily promoted healthy eating and living many years ago.

What are your makeup bag essentials?

I travel light when it comes to makeup. The combination of serum and oil is ideal as a primer and I can’t live without Green People's Pressed Mineral Powder SPF15. Caramel Medium is my favourite colour as it creates a sun-kissed look. The ‘all day’ volumising and conditioning mascara is another makeup bag essential - it lengthens and loads lashes without smudging.

What is the biggest beauty crime a person can commit?

Using chemicals on their child’s skin – up to 60% of what you apply on the skin is absorbed straight into the blood stream.

What is your top beauty tip?

Get your beauty sleep, go juicing and add quality supplements to your diet. I swear by Green People's Green Beauty with Astaxanthin and my favourite breakfast is a fresh juice of two carrots, one apple, ginger and a dash of lemon.

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