Monday 18 November 2013

Review: Biologique Recherche Winter Tight and Bright Facial

The Promise: "This is a unique transitional facial that prepares your skin for the cold winter months ahead. This facial gives you the deepest facial cleanse, designed for purifying, lifting, toning and unifies the complexion, leaving your skin truly glowing throughout the winter months".

The Price: £150.00

The Place: EF MEDISPA Kensington, London

Key Products Used: Lotion P50w, Serum Elastine Pure, Amniotique E, Elastine Pure, Crème Biofixine and Fluid VIP02

The Treatment: The Biologique Recherche Winter Tight and Bright Facial was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. It was a 60 minute treatment that featured a deep cleanse, followed by a lymphatic drainage massage. The lymphatic drainage didn't feel at all uncomfortable, instead it just felt firm but gentle.

A variety of skin treatments were used including toners, face masks, serums and creams - all of which felt amazing on my skin. The products themselves came courtesy of Biologique Recherche, a French biological skincare line with over 30 years experience in developing some of the most powerful and effective skincare products in the beauty industry.

Although the treatment followed a specific structure, elements of it (in particular the products used) were altered to best suit my skin type. This was a huge advantage for me as I could guarantee my skin was getting what it needed, as well as what it wanted.

The Results: My skin looked amazing the second the facialist finished working her magic. I looked as if I had recently undergone a face lift. Both my cheekbones and brow bones had lifted and my laugh lines had vanished completely. And, if the lifting effect wasn't enough, this miracle facial left me with the most radiant, youthful-looking skin.

Now, what set this facial apart from the millions of others out there is that the results were long lasting. I had the facial over a week ago and my skin is still radiant, bright and tight!

The Pro: This Winter Tight and Bright Facial delivers amazing, instant results that have real staying power.

The Con: As amazing as the Biologique Recherche products felt on my skin, they didn't have the most appealing scent.

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