Sunday 24 February 2013


According to the Oxford Dictionary, to cleanse is ‘to make something (especially the skin) thoroughly clean’. Cleansing is that simple - it's just a technique that rids the skin of dirt, make up, sweat, excess dead skin cells and other pollutants.

Cleansing is the most important step in a skincare regime and it should occur at the end of each day. Some people choose to also cleanse in the morning, however this normally depends on their skin type and skincare needs.

How should I cleanse my skin?

The best way to cleanse is to deeply massage a gentle cleanser into your face and neck to ensure that all of the dirt is lifted out of your pores. It is important to focus on the more congested areas of the face, such as your t-zone. When you are done, simply rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Doing a double cleanse (aka cleansing twice) can also be very beneficial, especially if you wear a lot of makeup. An initial cleanse will remove makeup and excess oil from the skin; whilst a second cleanse will completely purify the skin.

Now cleansing may seem very simple, however there are important things to remember:

  • You should only use a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type 
  • Your chosen cleanser should contain little to no alcohol, as alcohol dries and irritates the skin 
  • You should spend a minimum of a minute and a half cleansing your skin 
  • If you choose to cleanse your face using a sponge or washcloth, ensure that it is washed every 2-3 days as these tools are breeding grounds for bacteria 
  • You should only use lukewarm water to rinse your face, as hot water dries the skin and reduces its oily protective layer 

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