Sunday 12 September 2021

New Brand Alert | FEWE

FEWE is a new self-care brand putting customers in control of their menstrual cycle.

Having launched only last week, FEWE is the the first skincare brand to introduce whole cycle self-care to everyone. It offers a range of CBD infused products that help customers hack their hormones and treat their body, skin, and mind during each step of their menstrual cycle.

In addition to providing an impressive cycle-focused product portfolio, the female-led brand has a mission to help customers understand their whole cycle, the science of their bodies, and the changes that occur within it each month.

As FEWE Brand Director, Fran Pearce, says, “Imagine if we understood our bodies better, understood our menstrual cycle, our hormones and how these affect us every month, what a powerful position this would put us in. We’ve built a product portfolio developed to work inline with the phases of your cycle, pinpointing areas of focus and carefully creating products using CBD, adaptogens and active ingredients.’’

FEWE has launched with 10 products designed to support the five main areas of the monthly cycle; pain, sleep, skin care, mood, and vaginal care. The products include:

  • Thirst Trap - Hydrating and Soothing Face Serum
  • Get Up And Glow - Moisture and Radiance CBD Face Serum
  • Seeking Clarity - Purifying and Plumping CBD Face Serum
  • Spot The Difference - Anti-Blemish Serum
  • Calm Balm - Soothing and Comforting CBD Melt
  • Eau So Happy - Refreshing and Relaxing CBD Cologne
  • I Touch Myself - Rebalancing and Soothing CBD Vulva Serum
  • Take A Deep Breath - Mood Lifting Adaptogen Oral Spray
  • Don’t Cramp My Style - Anti Inflammatory Oral Spray
  • Dream A Little Dream - Adaptogen Infused Oral spray

FEWE products range from £16 to £50 and are available from

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