Friday 13 April 2018

Pump Up The Volume

Being a fine-haired bitch, I have tried an insane number of products that claim to deliver volume and thickness. Some of them failed completely but others have seriously impressed me. So, for all my fellow flat-haired-hoes out there, I've decided to share my favourite classics, as well as some new - and knockout - discoveries...

First up is an innovative cleansing conditioner from HIF (another fab Deciem brand). It's not really a shampoo or a conditioner, instead - according to the brand - a dry cleaner for the hair. It is a product that gently and deeply cleanses the hair without any damage but instead loads it with pure goodness. There are different types of 'dry cleaners' in the HIF range, however the one I've fallen in love with is the Volume Support (£30 Now I've used many shampoos and conditioners that claim to provide volume but they've always left me feeling (and my hair looking) flat. However this cleanser really does provide some impressive body, making it worth a prize spot in my shower. It leaves my hair fully cleansed, well nourished and smelling amazing!

Next up is the incredible Sachajuan Root Lift (£22 This product - a cross between a mousse and a gel spray - can be used on dry, damp or wet hair. It applies really well, however I always have to blow-dry my hair to ensure I don't get crispy roots (which happens if I let my hair dry naturally). It really gives an impressive boost to my roots, whilst still letting me run my fingers through my hair. The effects of this spray last until hair is washed and, importantly, it works well with other hair products. It's a real winner.

If I'm looking for a little thickness to go with my Sachajuan volume, I reach for the Moroccanoil Thickening Lotion (£20 Unlike the Root Lift, this product is designed to be applied to the roots and worked down to the ends of the hair. It provides a great thickening effect without weighing the hair down or - worse - making it feel greasy. It does provide a little body to the hair, however that really isn't its main attraction. Being a Moroccanoil product, this beauty is formulated with argan oil to leave hair nourished and super soft.

Now, a new discovery I've fallen for is the Design.ME Puff.ME (£9.95, a volume powder that packs a real punch. Now I usually find volume powders a little tricky to work with - they are often very messy, rarely do the job they promise and dull my hair colour. However Puff.ME is in a whole other league. It is a lightweight powder that is distributed through a small pump, making it easy (and less messy) to use. It allows you to apply the powder directly to your roots, without worrying about it spreading all over your face or clothes. Puff.ME provides instant lift and stiffness that lasts for hours. Even when you feel like your roots are going flat, you just have to quickly massage your scalp and your hair will be back to bouncy!!

My final favourite is a product that assists with the age-old volume trick... backcombing! It is the Tangle Teezer Back-Combing Hairbrush (£10 This skinny brush makes backcombing hair quick and simple - giving amazing height, texture and volume to the hair instantly. It also creates a backcombed look that is easy to brush out - something that I've always struggled with in the past. So, if like me, you've never really mastered the art of back-combing your hair, this brush is for you. And it works even better with the above products!!

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