Tuesday 3 October 2017

Review: Lucia Magnani Retexturizing Radiance Mask

Earlier this year I got my hands on the new Lucia Magnani Retexturizing Radiance Mask and it was my first introduction to the luxury Italian skincare brand. The packaging is v. glam however, speaking honestly, my first thought was "this is some style over substance bullshit" however I was oh-so-wrong. This is some highly effective skincare.

The Retexturizing Radiance Mask is designed to have astringent effect on pores and reduce redness and skin irregularities. It is also a great anti-ager, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and brighten the skin. The mask's formulation features unique properties of the waters and mud of Castrocaro Terme in Italy. It is also enriched with CoQ10, vitamin E and alpha-lipoic acid, helping to regenerate, strengthen and preserve skin structure.

The clay mask has a very thick and smooth consistency and a smell that is surprisingly gorgeous. It applies well for a clay mask, however you have to move quickly as it dries very quickly on the skin and, when that happens, application gets a little more tricky.

The Retexturizing Radiance Mask feels lovely on the skin from the moment it's applied to the second it's taken off and, unlike other clay masks I've used in the past, it removes incredibly easy. A few swipes with a damp facial cloth and every inch of the mask is removed. What is left is clearer and more radiant looking skin. The only downside? The full size cost £195... however you do get 150ml worth of product!

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