Saturday 5 March 2016

Review: FaceCamp At FaceGym Part Two


You'll probably remember me reviewing (the start of my) FaceCamp programme a few weeks ago. Well my FaceGym experience lasted seven days and, now it's complete, the time has come to give you an update on all the shit that went down...

For those who don't know, FaceCamp is a boot-camp for your skin; a seven day workout programme that offers tailored face workouts, high powered treatments and special dietary tips to get your skin and face looking (and feeling) amazing. It is the creation of FaceGym, the UK’s original facial exercise and high performance skincare studio in Selfridges! To find out more about the programme, click here.


My FaceCamp programme focused around treating my diagnosed 'Winter Face' with an intense skin tightening and lifting package. According to FaceGym, signs of a Winter Face include dark circles, dull & lackluster skin, wrinkles, saggy cheeks and tired looking skin (at the time, my face was experiencing all of these gems). My seven day package featured the following workouts...

  • One Signature Electrical Workout: a 40 minute facial massage that mimics a full body workout. The massage combines five 'exercise' steps - warm up, cardio, strength, sculpt and cool down. Each of these steps included techniques that helped to boost blood and oxygen circulation and stimulate my muscles and lymphatic system. This workout gave me instant results; my skin was brighter and tighter!
  • Two Hollywood Laser Lift Workouts: a non-invasive laser that is designed to lift and tighten the face, with a special focus on combating fine lines and wrinkles. I did a patch test before having the laser workout, to ensure my skin could handle it...luckily my skin didn't react, so I was good to go. The laser workout wasn't at all painful and lasted around 15 minutes. I experienced no side effects after the first laser, however I had a bad reaction the second time around. Four days after the second laser, my skin became scaly, red, inflamed and painful. Any skincare product I applied to my face only made my skin more inflamed and painful. Not pretty. Eventually - for a speedy recovery - I used an over-the-counter steroid cream on my face (bad, I know) and my skin was finally back to normal a few days later. Now, bad reaction aside, the result of this workout was great. A couple of weeks after having the lasers, my skin was noticeably healthier and firmer with fine lines significantly reduced.
  • Four Under Eye Booster Workouts; quick five minute treatments that involve an ultra-hydrating eye serum being applied to the eye area and then deeply penetrated into the skin using a handheld oxygen device. This workout instantly hydrated my eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines.
  • One HD3D Skin Sculpting Workout: another non-invasive treatment that is designed to sculpt the face and melt the fat around the cheeks and jaw area, using a powerful radio frequency device. This workout was relatively pain-free, however at times the device felt a little too warm on the skin - but this was more uncomfortable than painful. This workout was nothing short of amazing; as soon as my trainer put down the device and passed me a mirror, I could see that my face was clearly lifted and DEFINITELY thinner around the jaw area. I now just need one of these workouts on my whole body...


To make the most of my Winter Face programme, FaceGym supplied me with juice recipes and a seven day meal plan that would give me added beauty benefits. Speaking honestly...I didn't eat or drink anything recommended. However this is only because I'm on a strict diet that can't be fucked with in any way. Diet aside, FaceCamp really did transform my skin; my complexion is now brighter and pigmentation reduced, my skin texture is smoother and problem free and my face is thinner and more youthful! It is, by far, the best camp I've ever visited.

I would recommend FaceCamp to anyone, however it would be crazy to not acknowledge just how expensive it is. At £470.00, this programme does not come cheap. However, if the price is too high, I would look into trying just one or two of the workouts FaceCamp features. Aaannnnddd, if you were only to choose one, make it the HD3D Skin Sculpting workout. I've never experienced such noticeable, beneficial results from a non-invasive treatment in my life...and it only takes 20 minutes!!

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