Saturday 28 November 2015

Faithful Four: Christmas Candles


I have a slight candle the girl in Scream Queens but worse! So when brands mix Christmas and candles together I lose my s**t. So you won't be surprised to hear that I've already chosen the four Christmas candles I'll be burning this season...

The first is the Windsor Forest Three Wick Candle (£38.99 from Crabtree & Evelyn, an old classic that is back by popular demand...hallelujah. The evergreen candle features notes of fir needle, spruce and pine notes, entwined with holly and juniper berries that together create a beautiful, gentle scent. The fragrance is packed with Christmas charm and, as gentle as it is, packs power; when it burns in the living room, I can smell it from my bedroom, which is a good 18 meters away! The scent also remains long after the candle has been blown out, to the point where I can still smell it hours after burning and am sometimes convinced I've forgotten to blow it out!


The next candle on my Christmas list comes from my favourite candle brand, NEOM. What makes the candles from this British brand so bloody brilliant - other than their amazing scents - is that they are created with ethically sourced, natural and organic ingredients. NEOM has two Christmas candles available this year, Perfect Peace and Christmas Wish. I chose the latter and couldn't be happier. The Christmas Wish one-wick candle (£34.95 features a melody of mandarin oil, cinnamon oil, tonka bean oil and 10 other specially selected pure essential oils that blend together to form a wonderful, warm and comforting Christmas scent that burns for up to 35 hours. As with all NEOM candles, Christmas Wish burns clean and evenly. The only slight downside is that this one-wick wonder is smaller than the classic NEOM candles and cost slightly more...but hey, it is Christmas!


It wouldn't have been a fair Christmas candle selection if I didn't include a little luxury...cue Cire Trudon. Cire Trudon is the oldest candle brand in the world and once provided candles to the royal court of Louis XIV! Cire Trudon consider candle making an art form, blending unique and often surprising ingredients together to create one-of-a-kind scents. The French brand has a beautiful selection of Christmas candles this year but I was drawn to the Gold Nazareth Candle (£70.00 Liberty), a festive version of the brand's much-loved classic.

This warm and inviting scent contains top notes of bitter orange, ceylon cinnamon and tangerine, middle notes of cardamom, Chinese osmanthus and clove and base notes of benzoin resin, bourbon vanilla, cistus, musk and myrrh. It is a truly unique and powerful scent that fills the largest of rooms and provides up to 64 hours of burn time. And if you need any other justification for splurging on this beauty, I should mention that Cire Trudon will donate part of the proceeds from this candle to the organisation Terre d’Abeilles, for the protection of bees and other pollinator species!


As I am truly candle obsessed, it was important to have a portable Christmas candle this year; after all, I'll be travelling during the holidays so I'll need a festive scent on hand at all times. After hours of hunting for the perfect candle, I decided on the Birch & Brook Evergreen Scented Travel Candle (£18.00 This dinky, adorable candle - with an impressive 18 hours of burn time - is the perfect Christmas accessory to travel with, as it transforms any destination into a winder wonderland! Evergreen is inspired by a woodland walk on a crisp winter’s day. With top notes of fir balsam and crushed pine and bottom notes of cedar, musk and amber, Evergreen really does capture the enchantment of the forest.

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