Friday 13 February 2015

Review: Wheat Belly Diet Results

As some of you may know, I began the Wheat Belly diet on the first of January this year. I shared my progress and feelings about the diet in the first few weeks of starting it. However, as I have now completed an entire month on the diet, I thought I would share my final thoughts and experience.

Now, the Wheat Belly Diet has been very good to me. When I say good, I'm not bullshitting. After being on Wheat Belly for a whole calender month, I lost one stone. Yes, one whole stone! Not only did I loose a good amount of weight, I also felt better in myself; lighter, healthier and less stodgy (for want of a better word!).

Surprisingly, I found the diet a lot easier than I first imaged. I am a big wheat fan, so the fact that I was able to remove it from my diet completely speaks volumes. In the spirit of being honest, I did eat wheat on one or two occasions, however doing so made me feel sick and uncomfortably bloated.

It's important to stress that, although the Wheat Belly diet cuts out many food options, it still leaves a huge number of tasty foods you can eat. There are a million websites online that are full of great wheat-free recipes you can cook up.

As for whether I'll continue with the diet...absolutely. How could I not? It is simple and pain-free and proven to work - I love it!

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