Thursday 28 November 2013

The Beauty Myth: Tanning Beds Are The Safest Way To Tan

Verdict: False

This myth is not just nonsense, it is harmful. There is absolutely no safe way to tan and, even if there was, a tanning bed certainly wouldn't be the safest option.

Tanning beds expose your skin to more concentrated doses of ageing UVA rays (the rays more likely to cause cancer). In actual fact, the World Health Organization has recommended that no one use tanning beds for cosmetic purposes, listing them as a “known human carcinogen”. For those who don't know, a 'carcinogen' is a cancer-causing substance or agent. Scary stuff.

In addition to increasing the risk of skin cancer, frequent use of sunbeds can also lead to premature skin ageing. I'm talking wrinkles, age spots and a seriously dull complexion.

In truth, the only safe way to achieve beautifully bronzed skin is to get it from a bottle. There are many self-tans on the market that have great staying power and the Vita Liberata Phonomenal 125ml (£24.99 Boots / $54.00 Sephora) is one of them!

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