Tuesday, 21 February 2023

The Best Products For Intimate Skin

We care about the products we use on our hair, those we use on our face, and those on our bodies, however the products we use on our intimate area, in particular, our vulvas, often takes less focus.

However, according to Luna Daily, harsh soaps and washes have been proven to have caused gynaecological problems for 43% of women and washes are the most common product we use on our vulva, followed closely by lubricant. Using the wrong wash or lube can lead to dryness, irritation and uncomfortable or painful sex, so it is crucial we choose our products wisely.

In addition to everyday essentials, there are a number of brands and products designed to pamper and please the puss. Here are a few of my favourites...

Luna Daily | The Everywhere Wash

I love the Luna Daily The Everywhere Wash (£12 alittlefind.com) and use it daily. It's become so essential that I used the mini version whenever I travel. It is a body wash that can be used on any part of your body, intimate areas included. It contains none of the nasties known to irritate intimate areas but, instead, features calming and soothing ingredients that support skin microbiome health. This also makes the wash perfect for those with sensitive or allergy prone skin.

Wype | Original Wype

Wype (£10 wypeuk.com) is the affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to toilet wipes. It is an organic gel that squeezes easily onto toilet paper to deliver a superior clean that leaves your intimate area feeling moisturised and ultra comfortable. Dermatologically approved, hypoallergenic, vegan, and made from natural ingredients, Wype is safe to use on your vagina (and backside) so you can go about your day clean and carefree.

Mantle | The Pussy Smooch

The Pussy Smooch (£16 skincity.com) is an intimate moisturising balm featuring organic CBD to restore the skin's balance, protect the skin barrier, and maximise its well-being. In addition to CBD, The Pussy Smooch is formulated with pre- and post-biotics, vitamin E, and apricot oil to balance, nourish, and keep you feeling consistently comfortable.

Press Pause | Love CBD Intimacy Spray

Delivering an intimacy spray without the irritation, the Press Pause Love CBD Intimacy Spray (£40 presspauseproject.co.uk) is the perfect product for those that want to spice things up without causing unwanted discomfort. Formulated with a blend of CBD, cassia, ginger, peppermint, and rosemary, The Intimacy Spray boosts pleasure and turns up sensitivity, maximising your sexual wellness.

Maude | Shine Organic Lubricant

The Maude Shine aloe-based Lubricant (£20.49 unfabled.co) is a 100% natural, organic, and moisturising lubricant that won't cause any irritation to your vagina or vulva. The gentle pH-balanced formula is free from glycerin and parabens and manufactured to the ideal osmolality for the body. This vegan lube can be used with devices and condoms and rinses away easily with warm water. It is ultra-moisturising, leaves no sticky feeling behind and features an easy to use locking pump top.

Vella | Women’s Pleasure Serum

Vella's Women’s Pleasure Serum (£59 Boots) is the first arousal serum proven to effectively enhance feminine sexual pleasure and is said to be the first female viagra. It is formulated with CBD, which, during clinical studies, was found to relax vaginal and clitoral smooth muscle tissue, resulting in women - aged 23 to 75 - reporting increased ease, intensity, and frequency of orgasm. It is fragrance-free, okay to taste, and safe for use with condoms. 

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