Friday, 7 October 2016

The Beauty Myth: Pores Are Shrinkable


False. This myth is sadly just that; a bullshit myth.

Pore sizes are genetically determined and, as much as people may say otherwise, you simply can’t make them smaller. It's just not that simple...

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However what you can do is minimise the appearance of pores. To do that I recommend the following:
  • Keep skin as clean as possible
  • Double cleanse at the end of each day
  • Use non-comedogenic skincare and makeup products
  • Gently exfoliate the skin twice a week
  • Use a clay mask once a week
  • Don't pick at clogged pores!

For those who prefer a more instant fix, I advise using a primer. Drug stores and beauty counters are packed with primers that help to minimise the appearance of pores. A personal favourite is the new DHC Quick Film Smoother ($27.50

Now this product is technically a moisturiser, however it also does the job of a primer and removes a step in your skincare routine. This Quick Film Smoother instantly hydrates the skin, smooths the look of wrinkles and - importantly - minimises the appearance of pores. It's my new skincare essential!

Sadly it isn't available in the UK...but it will be landing in January so don't panic!

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