Monday, 30 May 2016

Review: YSL Vinyl Couture


The Promise: "Revolutionary, intense, super shiny color for lashes. The patented mascara formula gives lashes length, volume and curl with deep, saturated color like never before"

The Price: £25.00 / $29.00

The Stockist: Debenhams /

The Application: Applying the YSL Vinyl Couture mascara couldn't be simpler. I have a theory that the greater the mascara, the longer it takes to master applying it, however this is not the case with this beaut. It is so easy to use that its amazing benefits are achievable whatever your application technique - a gorilla could apply this shit.

Application is not just easy, it is super comfortable. The wand brush is soft, enabling you to get deep into the last root without causing irritation. It is also has a great shape and holds the perfect amount of product each time it's pulled from the tube. The mascara has a gorgeous creamy consistency and it doesn't dry super quickly, which is ideal because it gives you time to layer up the product, adding great length and volume to the lashes.


The Results: This mascara gives the most amazing results - providing impressive lift, volume and length to the lashes. I've yet to find a downside; there is no flaking, clumping or transferring onto the eyelids...ever. YSL also added a little luxury to this mascara, infusing it with notes of mandarin, jasmine, and vanilla for a subtle scent.

However one of the Vinyl Couture mascara's greatest benefits is its rich colour. The colour is the blackest of blacks and that is thanks to the mascara's formula. Its rich black pigment is injected into a completely transparent base (as opposed the standard white base found in most mascara formulations) which prevents any chalkiness to the final colour. This transparent base also helps add serious vibrancy to the other nine shades in the Vinyl Couture collection (green, blue, purple, aubergine, pink, hazel, gold sparkle and dark sparkle).

The Pro: The YSL Vinyl Couture is mascara perfection

The Con: There isn't one

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