Friday, 27 February 2015

The Beauty Myth: Wash Hair In Very Hot Water

The Verdict: False

I've always been guilty of washing my hair with very hot water. Unlike some, this isn't because I think it'll provide a more intensive wash, but simply because I love hot showers and only wash my hair when I'm in one.

Washing hair with hot water may not seem that damaging to the hair or scalp, however, unfortunately, it is. Hot water can dry out your hair and scalp, making hair brittle and prone to breakage. Washing hair in hot water can also remove oil from your scalp, causing your scalp to produce extra sebum. This can then lead to damage at the roots and excess shedding.

Before you get worried, no one expects you to wash in a cold shower. However it's best to wash hair with warm water to ensure your hair and scalp remain healthly. For those of you who do take very hot showers, your hair and scalp may be in need of a little TLC, so I recommend using a nourishing scalp serum or oil.

I'm currently using the Trevor Sorbie Rejuvenate Scalp Serum 70ml (£9.99 Boots) which contains collagen and peptides to nourish your scalp and encourage growth. It is very lightweight, which is perfect for my fine hair and it applies easily (if massaged into the scalp correctly!). Unlike other peer products on the beauty shelves, the Rejuvenate Scalp Serum doesn't leave any nasty residue on the hair which is an added bonus. It just keeps my hair healthy and problem free...I love it!

Trevor Sorbie Rejuvenate Scalp Serum Review

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