Thursday, 8 August 2013


Peptides are simply small chains of amino acids - the building blocks of the proteins within your skin. Peptides are present in every living cell and they play a crucial role in the physiological and biochemical functions of life.
Peptides can have a variety of different sequences of amino acids and these various sequences can cause different results within the body. Peptides can calm inflammation, regulate the immune system, repair tissue, treat hyperpigmentation and stimulate the growth of collagen, leading to the restructuring of the skin. What's more, some peptides can even communicate with the body's cells, telling them how to react and what to do!

So it's no surprise that peptides are being used in a huge number of skincare and haircare products. The peptides found in most products are usually synthetic, however there are a few brands, such as NUDE Skincare, that are now using naturally derived peptides.

There are three common types of peptides used in skincare:

Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 (aka Matrixyl): Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 is one of the most powerful peptides available. It works to stimulate the production of collagen within the deeper layers of the skin. It also increases the skin's elasticity and promotes skin strength, helping the skin to heal quickly.  

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3: This peptide works to relax certain types of facial lines and wrinkles. When topically applied, acetyl hexapeptide-3 treats the same type of wrinkles as Botox.

Copper Peptides: Copper peptides combine with molecules of copper to carry out their activity. The combination of peptide and copper molecules make their way into the deep layers of the skin. Here, they stimulate skin regeneration and healing and reduce scar tissue formation. Some argue that copper peptides may slow down the signs of ageing, as they are able to limit the effects of daily wear and tear on the skin.

  1. Docteur Renaud Anti-Ageing Iris Lift Mask 50ml (£14.00 Marks and Spencer)
  2. Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Serum 30ml (£62.50 John Lewis / £108.00 Nordstrom)
  3. NUDE Cellular Renewal Moisturiser 50ml (£72.00 / $92.00 Sephora
  4. Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream 75g (£6.95 / $8.47 Walmart)

One of the most interesting peptide based products I've used is the Priori Lash Recovery Serum 4ml (£79.00 $99.00 It is an eyelash thickening formula that includes three different types of peptides. After two weeks of continual use, I saw significant improvement in the length and thickness of my lashes.

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