Thursday, 20 June 2013

Ask TBI: Looking After Oily But Dehydrated Skin

Question: Could you please recommend a skin care regime or even just a cleanser and moisturiser for oily but dehydrated skin? I have spent a small fortune searching for the right products without much luck! Some cleansers can be too harsh and some moisturisers too rich - Sinead.

Answer: If you're finding that some cleansers are too harsh on your skin, it may be that you've been using alcohol based foam or gel cleansers. A vast majority of foam and gel cleansers contain various alcohols that irritate the skin and strip it of natural oils. To be on the safe side, try adopting a gentle cream cleanser into your skincare regime. I recommend Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser 120ml (£26.95 / $41.23 In addition to cleansing the skin, it reduces inflammation and keeps skin hydrated.

After cleansing, apply a serum to hydrate your skin. Serums are great for treating various skin concerns as they are the most concentrated form of skincare product, providing optimum performance directly to the cells beneath your skin’s surface. I recommend using the Avène Soothing Hydrating Serum 30ml (£17.00 Boots / $34.00 It deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth, plumped and stress-free.
Finally, when it comes to moisturisers, try using a light day cream designed for those with oily and/or sensitive skin. I recommend Simple's Hydrating Light Moisturiser 125ml (£3.79 Boots / $8.97 Walmart). It applies well and keeps skin replenished and hydrated - which is great for such an affordable product!

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